Who the Hell am I

Who Am I ? Who are you ?

When someone says to you what do you do? What do you say?Interestingly I find the first thing I saw is “Well I’m a mum of 2 and design activewear”So what the F* does that really mean? How on earth does that make me seem like I am a somebody to someone.

So What I do ?

I help women feel amazing, comfortable and loved through the creation of my branded activewear which I design for so many amazing women. I started because I have always suffered from being an overweight girl, teen, young adult right until I was just under 110kg. YEP WTF this little 5ft2 nothing was a little puddin. I wanted to start a business online to bring women like me activewear they could actually wear while trying to loose weight. Journey went from online, to selling from a gym and a retail store. I was so excited I got to see gorgeous women and men (this stage I was selling mens wear too) wear a big smile on their faces and seeing them train in comfort and style.


Where are we from

Our family resided in Victoria for many years and at the start of this year we made the big move to Perth WA. So I had to close the shop and only focus on online platform. FAR out what a big change. I had no bloody idea about marketing, SEO, ads, Social media and what to do. But I have managed to keep my head above water so far.All of this with currently a 3 and 6 year old who well you know want mum’s time more than ever.So it’s august 2019 and I am ME and I am different. Why? How?Well ladies here’s the secret shhh!There is no bloody secret… its trying hard as F* to stay sane, to stay true to me and to my family.

How I'm being me

But what does that even mean. I still don’t know. I’m 35 and still trying to figure my self out. I know what I love and want to do, but who am I as a mum? Who am I as human in the world of social media? Who am in the world of activewear design. Trying to find your market is just as hard as trying to find yourself.I have a great deal of experience in life I know I can share. I hav had my ups and downs through growing as a person, through my weight loss journey, as a mum and as a WOMEN in business. BOSS mumma many may say, Entrepreneur even. I do however discredit myself a lot in what I can bring to the table. I don’t think my self worth is often enough for people out in the social media world. But here I am trying, failing, trying, failing YET still succeeding somehow.So from writing my first blog which is bloody daunting, I plan to discover me in the world of womenStay tuned as I share with you the highs lows, the shit that just happens in life

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