We have a new vision here at MKM and it is come from a really deep place of myself who has gone through quite a lot in her life and has spent the last tease really trying to find herself her inner voice change her health and come to terms with a lot that has happened in her past I wouldn't say I'm a spiritual person or a holistic person However I have delved into the realm of yoga in yoga meditation healthy eating habits and more recently learning my body growth and the type of person that I am to learn why I make the decisions I do and why I like to share with others and help others I have always said I never wanted to be just another activewear brand I never wanted to just show pretty young size eight models I wanted to show more real raw age opinions wisdom health advice I just life like really share things about life about being a mum running a business having a husband who has a high stressful job and showing others that it can happen but also showing others that there is also downfalls to every upside.


The my vision for mkm is to share more with you to give you more value to give you a purpose and help you recognise that you have a super power bill inside you that only you can allow it to come out if you believe in yourself. So it is now the time to bring forth my ideals of mkn that has been manifesting in my head for over 12 months and that is at each launch will have a specific purpose Eat launch will give meaning and a directive on overcoming obstacles challenges and way to empower yourself through life. The first launch is about being resilient switch range true to me because I feel like I've had to try and bring resilience into so much of my life and I've had a lot of setbacks and I just want to push ahead and I have done that in the past but I've done it too fast and not looked at the ways in which I need to look after myself and put myself first in order to help others achieve.


So outfit would be a print that is a snow leopard and we are talking about being resilient in the environment that you are around and had a cope with it will also be working with local artists who make handmade crafts and we will put together something specific for the outfit and ways in which you can help overcome resilience so when you are wearing a still using this item you will remember that you are more than just one you are many you have so many hats to wear you have so many things to do but remember that you will always have a team right behind you to boost you to become that resilient woman.

About MKM

MKM Active is a proudly Australian owned and operated business based in the beautiful city of Perth. We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and enjoy uncompromising activewear, day in and day out. Our values and design process set us apart from the competition: we take our role as apparel creators seriously.


From our position in Western Australia, MKM Active empowers women across the nation with comfortable, supportive and ultra-stylish activewear. We create timeless pieces that meet all the needs of a modern woman: incredible fit, look in vogue, full range of motion, durable, breathable, and supportive.


MKM Activewear embraces the possibilities around every woman. We believe that to be fit, we should also take care not just our physical body but also our mental and emotional state. Wellness is one of our ultimate goals and we are here to accompany you in that journey.

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Our Story

All of our beautiful apparel is designed by a mum, for women who need luxurious activewear and athleisure to round out their wardrobes. Activewear is not just for the gym, it’s for active days out with your family and friends, running errands for your household or business, and generally taking the world by storm. We curate beautiful textiles that speak to the Australian woman’s desire for fun and creative clothing and use them to create activewear that is designed to support you and your body, no matter what is on your to-do list.


We’ve all been there. One day, everything is going great and the next you wake up and you feel exhausted and drained. Maybe you’ve been working too hard, you’ve been getting too little sleep, or you’ve been feeling unwell for a while now. Whatever the reason, it’s important to take a time out and take care of yourself and your body.


MKM Active is set out to create activewear that gives the ladies confidence and makes them feel part of a community of fitness lovers they respect. It's important to have activewear that feel and look great, so that you can go above and beyond in your workout. That's why MKM Activewear are designed to make you feel confident and amazing as our range grows!

Our Approach

Comfort shouldn’t compromise style. In fact, style should always be comfortable. Blending these key concepts is at the heart of what our brand does. Whatever you need to do, get it done without the mess and fuss of ill-fitting, cheaply made clothing that you constantly need to adjust and fret about. Dressed in our plush activewear and apparel, you can focus on your most important tasks and know that you look beyond fabulous, all day.


MKM aims to empower all women in different shapes and sizes to confidently pursue the person they are supposed to be and not to strain them financially by buying something, rather, knowing what they buy is sustainable and will fit them perfectly.


We believe that you should feel empowered to take control of your life and wellness. Our activewear are designed to be sustainable to women of all fitness levels. Discover our range of 100% squat proof high-waisted leggings, incredibly supportive crops and luxe tops for every day. Diversify your collection of MKM Active apparel with soft hoodies, cool shorts, and tanks to transition from season to season with ease.

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We also believe in being well-rounded, which is why we offer health and fitness accessories like gym towels and booty bands to enhance your active lifestyle. You can also browse our range of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, fuelling your body with the nutrients and energy it needs to support you. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about healthy snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day.






We have a simple size chart conversion for you when you are shopping online. We dont provide a cm perfect size guide as fabric stretches and sits slightly different on every body. If you want a customised fit that suits your every desire, book a fitting with our passionate team of activewear professionals and we will make sure that you look and feel your best in our garments. We believe that giving you a one-to-one customer service experience is key to empowering you with well-fitting activewear that is made to last.


Our activewear is more than just Activewear, See how you can style your new MKM with our LOOKBOOK!

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