Who is Kylie Laskey?


MKM ACTIVE was officially established by Kylie Laskey, a mother of 2, in the spring of 2019.

As a kid, Kylie was overweight until her adolescent stage and just like any other human being, she struggled to train and be with the right people to encourage and push her to her limits. As her body changes through child birth and other factors, she found herself with limited choices when it comes to the right active wear.

Kylie started this journey a couple of years ago at the old local town of Bendigo, Victoria, where she used to buy stocks of activewear from other active brands and sell through a local gym . Eventually, this stirred up her passion to open up her own retail store.

Fast forward, Kylie and her family move to Perth and started her own label. She was feeling CONFIDENT, FIERCE & UNSTOPPABLE with her training. She lost more weight and felt much healthier. Since then, her brand focused on giving fitness minded women the self-love they deserve and confidence to look good and feel great.

The MKM woman embraces the possibilities around her. She believes that to be fit, she also has to take care not just her physical body but also her mental and emotional state. Wellness is one of her ultimate goals and MKM is here to accompany her in that journey.

MKM aims to empower all women in different shapes and sizes to confidently pursue the person they are supposed to be and not to strain them financially by buying something, rather, knowing what they buy is sustainable and will fit them perfectly.

MKM - Activewear for every"BODY".



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