School Holiday Activities - Downloadable Printable!


And just like that, we have entered another unwelcome lockdown! 

So again, you are stuck in the house with your family.

Together, let's do something fun! 

Let's think of Ideas for kids during lockdown and school holidays! 

  • Print out lots of craft ideas for them to do
  • Make board games
  • Make a new holiday schedule for activities you can do together
  • Create a menu for the week and have children help cook and plan.

Even write out the shopping list, ingredients and method (it's like homework)

Pamper hour, make a mud mask, or paint nails, do hair etc.

Movie marathons

Think ahead and make gifts for family, occasions. The list goes on!

Remember! Kids attention span is not for long  so lots of activities don't need to be overwhelming. Maybe write a plan and discuss how they would like to create magical days.

Oh and loads of cubby house making!

But mumma, don't fret over the mess, making the clean up fun with lots of music and sonic speed.

It's not a requirement to be productive during the lockdown but make the most out of it. Don't stress too much and let this time a time for you and your family to bond more!

Here's a little something from us that you may bond over and enjoy. Get it by clicking HERE.

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