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MKM ACTIVE has been created by Kylie Laskey a mother of 2 and business based out of Perth. 

This business was established with comfort, support, style and sexy in mind, for all fun loving active woman.

I started this journey a couple of years ago now in my old local town of Bendigo VIC where I use to buy stock of other brands and sell through a local gym with have activewear parties. This then created the passion to open up a retail store.

I was an overweight kid/adult and struggled to train or find the right people to push me. With major weight loss before and after having kids I found myself limited in choices locally to get great activewear that wasn't going to cost me an a arm and leg. I was sick of my tummy bouncing around and wearing cheap see through leggings. 

Once I started my own label I was CONFIDENT, FIERCE & UNSTOPPABLE with my training. Lost more weight and felt much healthier. I found my clothes were still fitting me so well even after a few kg down.

So my aim here is to help every women to feel the same. Not financially strained by buying something, but knowing what they buy will last and fit them perfectly. Give them confidence to train and feel how I did AMAZING!


We have our own line of clothing that I designed for the EVERYBODY that also sees activewear as a luxury item to wear as a lifestyle. We started this as I found something was missing. A little more minimal designs for the ladies who don't necessarily want to stand out above everyone else, a little self conscious perhaps and also for the ladies who simply just want the pure comfort.


Meet my family, they are my reasoning behind it all. Without them I would not be here today helping you.

My children are Mia & Max and my hubby Brock (B wouldn't really fit LOL)

Mia Kylie Max

MKM ACTIVE provides you with the ease of decision making by ensuring your shopping experience is one to remember. You will get to browse through our great range of products and be assured our trusting relationship will grow as we get to know you and what you love.

WHY? because I want to be honest with you about the products, the sizing, the feel of fabric, BUT most importantly how it feels to train in.

Custom designs that are created for your look, your activity level, your style and most of all affordability.

As you gain your confidence in the gym, outdoors, at home and even walking down the street.

Please never hesitate to contact me for a chat about our range.

Contact Kylie:


So grab a coffee or a wine, sit back and relax, we will look after you.

Kylie Laskey