Pay it forward program

MKM Active is happy to announce that we are partnering with the Esther Foundation, an award-winning, holistic, residential recovery, and reintegration program for young women from crisis backgrounds.


A little background about the Esther Foundation. 

The Esther Foundation has been helping young women break free from a life cycle of pain, suffering, addictions, abuse, and crisis. When we meet these young women, they’ve often lost all family connections. Most are suffering from mental and physical health issues and many cannot hold down a job. Many of these women end up in dangerous life-threatening situations, stuck in toxic relationships, unable to escape this cycle alone.

It’s time to make a difference, ladies!

Change happens from the inside out! Let’s get involved, and make a difference in the lives of young women today by donating your used/unused activewear that is still in good condition. We all know how amazing activewear can make us feel, so we aim to pass on the empowerment to the women who are going through a journey of transformation.
This is a pay it forward campaign, so for every person who donates their clothes, MKM Active will be giving away vouchers that you can use when you purchase from our website
*Please note
You will not be deemed eligible for the Vouchers until MKM inspect the quality of the goods you are passing on. It is at MKM's discretion to decide if the goods are in great enough condition to pass on prior to gifting you a discount voucher.

Always remember that joy shared, is joy doubled! The little things mean so much, especially for these young women! Let’s help them break free from a life cycle of pain, suffering, addictions, abuse, and crisis!
As our thank you will will gift you a voucher to use at our store once inspection has been completed.
Voucher 1: $25 off for order value $100-$200
Voucher 2: $40 off for order value $200-$300
Voucher 3: $60 off for order value over $300
Please send to MKM Active
PO Box 695 Kalamunda WA 6926
(once you have completed this form)

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